2007 Seed Exchange list

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Below is the 2007 SIGNA seed exchange list. Selections are current as of 6/1/08. Please order by number and list substitutes. Many selections are reduced to 1 or 2 packets, and may not be available when you order. Refunds cannot be made. Generous extras will also be chosen from your sub list.

Price is $0.50 US per package plus $2.00 P&H. Make checks payable to SIGNA. Mail your order to Rodney Barton, 3 Wolters St., Hickory Creek TX, 75065, USA.  (E-mail your list and I will check for availability and hold your seed until your payment arrives.)

NEW: We can now accept payment via PayPal if you have a PayPal account. Do a “send cash” to rbartontx@yahoo.com and include your list in the message section.  Please add $1 to your total to help defray our additional costs.

Key: OP - open pollinated, HP-hand pollinated, coll.- seed collected from given area, ex. - seed from plants received from source given. The numbers following descriptions indicate the number of seeds donated and the 3 letters are a code for the donor.

NOTE: Packets may contain as few as 4 seeds where a small numbers of seeds were donated.  A variety name or description in the listing usually indicates the pod parent.  Seedling may vary in appearance and are NOT that variety but rather seeding from it. (Named varieties are only propagated vegetatively).  We cannot guarantee the identity of any selections.

For questions contact rbartontx@yahoo.com                                    
Number           Name   Donor     Avail. Pkts. 
I  Bearded                                          

07DB006              barbata nana Hybrids        KDI          XX           
07MB011              MTB  ex. Mixed hybrids HP             JWT        XX           
II  Crested      
07CR026              confusa x SIGNA  03S257 Self    SWH       XX           
07CR027              cristata Mixed, named  and seedlings  OP                 BDS        XX           
07CR028              cristata Mixed OP                JPW        XX                             
07CR030              cristata  ex. ‘Sam’s Mini’  OP            JPW        X                                
07CR033              milesii     MBS       X              
07CR034              milesii     CLN        X              
07CR036              ex ‘Tarbert’   hybrid OP    NZI           XX           
07CR037              tectorum                MBS       X              
07CR039              tectorum   white garden origin       FBN        XX           
07CR040              tectorum blue garden  origin          FBN        XXX                          
07CR042              tectorum  OP ex 97S404  Best performer blue      BDF        XXX        
07CR043              tectorum  Sun Moon Lake               CLN        XXX                          
III Beardless  
07CH046              koreana   OP        JPW        XX                             
07CH048              odaesanensis   OP            JPW        XX                             
Foetidissimae    FT    
07FT049               foetidissima          KDI          X              
07FT050               foetidissima  HP                   WWG      XXX        
07FT051               foetidissima  orange berries           WWG      XXX                          
07FT054               foetidissima  ex. ‘Nant Gwilw’          CLN        X              
07FT055               “foetidissima”      ???           X                                
Laevigatae     LV        
07LV057               ensata  ex. ‘R. Giscard’ OP              JPW        XXX                          
07LV063               laevigata  HP from 2 clones x RISC purple                 JPW        XXX        
07LV064               laevigata  Blue    KRW       X              
07LV065               pseudacorus       KDI          XXX        
07LV066               pseudacorus  ‘Mzchetica’  HP       KWK       XX           
07LV067               pseudacorus  ‘Variegata’  HP         WWG      XXX        
07LV068               pseudacorus   coll. Parsons, KS  DHR        XXX        
07LV069               pseudacorus  large plant OP         KRW       XXX                          
07LV071               pseudacorus    ex. ‘Sun In Splendor’          KWL       XX           
07LV072               versicolor  Mixed blue and purple                 KRW       XXX        
07LV073               versicolor   Mixed blue and blue/white       KWL       XX           
07LV074               versicolor garden  origin FBN        XXX                          
07LV076               versicolor  ‘Cat Mousam’  OP          JPW        X              
07LV077               versicolor  ‘Epic Poem’ light blue  good branching OP         JPW        XX           
07LV078               versicolor  ‘Faded Jeans’  Light purple  OP               JPW        XX           
07LV079               versicolor  ‘Light Verse’ Light blue violet, dark veins  OP    JPW        XX           
07LV080               versicolor  ‘Little Rhyme’ White  OP             JPW        X              
07LV081               versicolor  ‘Marjan’   OP    ABL        XX           
07LV082               versicolor  ‘Mint Fresh’ White  w/maroon veins        JPW        X              
07LV083               versicolor     ‘Murrayana’   TBL         X              
07LV084               versicolor     ‘Murrayana’ Lg White  coll. NL, Canada OP       JPW        XX           
07LV085               versicolor  ex. ‘Party Line’ Pink  OP              JPW        X              
07LV086               versicolor  ex. ‘Party Line’                KDI          XXX        
07LV087               versicolor ex.  ‘Vernal’      KDI          X              
07LV088               versicolor  ex.   ‘versicle’   White  OP            JPW        XX           
07LV089               versicolor  ‘Versijack’  Red-violet OP           JPW        XX           
07LV090               versicolor   ‘Whodunit’   White and Blue-violet  OP                  JPW        XX           
07LV091               versicolor     ‘Wild Hearts’ Pink  OP                JPW        XX           
07LV092               versicolor    coll. Elliston NL, Canada           TBL         XX           
07LV093               virginica var.  virginica x virginica   var. shrevei          AHB        X              
07LV094               virginica shrevei                   KDI          XXX        
07LV096               virginica  shrevei  ex. Green River, KY, some w  white Ss OP             KRW       XXX        
07LV097               virginica  shrevei  ex. Green River, KY Mosty  purple Ss OP                KRW       XXX                          
Laevigate  Hybrids     LH       
07LH103               Biversata (‘Anticosti  Discovery x ‘Strange Fantasy’) 98-38 OP         AHB        X
07LH104               Biversata ‘Heidi  Nydegger’ (red-violet) x self           AHB        XX           
07LH105               Biversata  07-12-06 (vigorous red) x self  AHB        XX           
07LH106               laevigata (01-02) x  ensata OP      AHB        X                                
07LH109               Tetra Versata 07-46  violet OP      AHB        XX           
07LH110               Tetra Versta 07-42  purple OP      AHB        XX                             
07LH113               Tetra Versata  (allopolyploid F6 x self)        AHB        X              
07LH114               Tetra Versata 07-43  (violet purple)  OP    AHB        X                                
07LH116               Versata  (versicolor 04-23 x ensata ‘Altai’)                  AHB        XXX                                            
 Pacific Coast  PC      
07PC125              douglasiana OP                   WWG      XXX                          
07PC127              inominata  garden origin FBN        XX           
07PC128              PCN  ex. ‘Wild Survivor’  OP           WWG      XXX                          
07PC130              PCN   Yellow   clone  OP DHR        X                                
07PC132              thompsonii           DSL        XXX                          
            Siberian SB    
07SB135              “coreana”              ???           XX           
07SB136              delavayi OP          NZI           X              
07SB137              (delavayi x  bulleyana)   seedling  NZI           X              
07SB138              sanguinea ? ex  Novosibirsk B.G. as I. palustris VE                 AHB        X              
07SB139              sanguinea  garden origin                 FBN        XX           
07SB140              sibirica  violet blue, garden origin                  FBN        XXX        
07SB141              Siberian  ex alba                  KDI          X              
07SB142              Siberian ex.  ‘Caesar’s Brother’     KRW       XXX        
07SB143              Siberian  ex. ‘Cleve Dodge’            KDI          X              
07SB144              Siberian  ex ‘Dark Desire’                  KDI          XX                             
07SB149              Siberian  ex. ‘Snow Prince’             KDI          XX           
07SB150              Siberian   ex. ‘Super Ego’                RST        XX                             
07SB152              typhifolia   violet   OP         AHB        X              
07SB153              typhifolia   OP      KWL       XX           
07SB154              typhifolia  rec’d as sanguinea from Pogranicknii Reg. Russia HP     JCO        X
07SB155              wilsonii  garden collected                 FBN        XXX                          
Spuria    SP    
07SP159              graminea                JWW       X              
07SP160              “graminea”            ???           X              
07SP161              orientalis  OP       WWG      XX                             
07SP165              spuria maritima   garden origin       FBN        X                                
07SP170              Spuria  70 cm. blue            KDI          XXX                          
07SP179              Spuria  ex. ‘Struttin’   OP                   WWG      X              
07SP181              Spuria  ex. ‘Tiger Blues’OP             WWG      X                                                  
Tripetalae   TR           
07TR184               hookeri  12” coll. Cape Freels, NL, Canada               TBL         XXX        
07TR185               setosa arctica garden  origin           FBN        XXX        
07TR186               setosa  canadensis  garden origin                FBN        XXX        
07TR187               setosa  ex Eyak River, Cordova,  garden coll.          FBN        XX           
07TR188               setosa  ex Glaskova Russia             CLN        XXX        
07TR189               setosa  ex. Sakhalin Is. (95Q314)                 CLN        XXX        
07TR190               setosa   ‘Alba’      TBL         XX                             
07TR196               setosa  dark blue                 TBL         X                                
07TR198               setosa  ex. dark purple  15-18”     KWL       X                                
07TR207               “setosa”                 ???           XXX        
07TR208               setosa (hookeri) x  setosa interior =  ‘Labraska’ OP                 AHB        XX           
Misc. Beardless   MS 
07MS212              domestica  (was Belamcanda punctata)     MBS       X              
07MS213              domestica  (was Belamcanda chinensis) OP            JPW        XXX        
07MS214              lactea     MBS       X              
07MS215              lactea     KWK       X              
07MS216              lactea     JWW       XX                             
07MS218              lactea   ex. ‘Redundant’ repeat bloomer  OP            JPW        XXX        
07MS219              lactea   ex. ‘Tough Cookie’  white   OP        JPW        XX           
07MS220              lactea  ex. SIGNA R239 Nice blue 8 – 12 “                 ABL        XXX                          
07MS224              missouriensis     light blue  garden origin   FBN        X              
07MS225              missouriensis coll.  E. WA                WWG      XX           
07MS226              “oligosiphon”      ???           XXX                          
07MS229              prismatica blue   CLN        XXX        
07MS230              “prismatica”          ???           XXX                          
07MS232              songarica (lactea?)  garden origin                  FBN        X              
IV Bulbous     
07XP238               hollandica  Mixed OP        KRW       X                                
07JU240               magnifica Juno   MBS       XXX        
V  Wide Cr      
07SX241               setosa interior x  ensata Mixed  OP              AHB        X              
VI  All Other   
07XX244               Alpohia drummondii  ex SIGNA    RBR        X                                
07XX246               Crocus speciosus              JPW        X              
07XX247               Cypella coelestis                 KWK       XXX        
07XX248               Eleutherine bulbosa  “plicata”       MBS       X              
07XX249               Hermodaytlus tuberosa  DSL        X              
07XX250               Hermodactylus  tuberosa                 MBS       X              
07XX251               Moraea  britteniae  (was Homeria)                  MBS       XXX        
07XX252               Moraea polystachya          MBS       X              
07XX253               Neomarica caerulea           NZI           X              
07XX254               Sisyrinchium  angustifolium            RST        X              
07XX255               Sisyrinchium  macrocarpum            MBS       X              
07XX256               Sisyrinchium striatum       KDI          XXX        
07XX257               “Sisyrinchium”    ???           X              
07XX258               Tritonia deusta  blotched form      MBS       X                                
Late Additions
07CR259              tectorum                JPW        X              
07LV260               versicolor AE-05  ‘Anticosti Discovery x self’            AHB        X              
07MS261              domestica (was Belamcanda  chinensis)   KDI          XX           
07JU262               bucharica               KDI          X                                
07LV264               pseudacorus  coll. Salt Lake City area  elev. 4500ft               EGL        XX           
07TR265               setosa  12" to 18" purple  good bloomer  EGL        XXX        

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