North and South American Native Irids

There are a number of Iridaceae, iris family plants, which are native to the Americas. Not all of theses are irises. Here are some photos of some non-iris irids that are native to the Americas.  Click on the photo to see a larger version.  All photos are by RAB unless indicated

See Mauro Peixoto's web site for photos of Brazilian Irids

North America

Alophia drummondii (purple pleat leaf or pinewood lily) - Native to East Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi. More photos and an article on A. drummondii.

Calydorea coelestina (Bartram's ixia, syn. Sphenostigma coelestinum) - Native to Florida

Herbertia lahue - endemic Texas. Photo by John Dettling.

Nemastylis geminiflora (Celestials) - Native to the US. Photo from College Station, TX.

  Sysrinchium atlanticum (Blue-Eyed Grass) - There are many species of sysrinchium in NA. They hybridize readily and species are often difficult to identify. There are yellow and white species as well as blue.  More Sisyrinchium photos.

Belamcanda chinensis (blackberry lily) - Although a native a China, Blamcanda can be found growing "wild" in parts of the US, usually near old homesteads. Photo by Mark Cook.

South America

Cypella plumbea (syn. Phalocallis coelestis) Photo by Mark Cook.

Neomarica sp. possibly gracilis, (apostle plant or walking iris)

Noemarica cerulea photo Links to San Marcos Growers

Trimezia sp. (yellow walking iris or tiger eye iris) - Two photos by Oscar Rodrigues (e-mail him).Oscar reports that it thrives for him in southern Mexico.

Trimezia sp. photo by RAB

OK, so this isn't a new world irid but I thought you might like the photo.

Pardanthopsis dichotomata (vesper iris) - Native to China

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