Native and Other Iris Links

Learn more about NA native and other species irises:

Species Iris discussion group on Yahoo  A discussion groups especially for species irises.  Archives and photos are posted to

Species Iris photo data base  Dennis Kramb's Species iris photo data base. Look here for more photos of NANI!

Species Iris Group of North America*  Join SIGNA to learn more about species irises..

Society for Pacific Coast Native Iris*  Photos and information about the native irises of the Pacific coast.  This site has more detailed info on the PCNI than you'll find here.

Society for Louisiana Irises*  Check out the web site for one other group dedicated to native irises and their hybrids, the The Historical Notes page has some info and photos of the native "Louisiana" irises.

Zydeco Louisiana Iris Garden Patrick O’Conner has a great treatment of the native "Louisiana" irises on his web site.

American Iris Society web site and follow links you'll find there. 

Plants of Brazil Mauro Peixotos web site with photos of native Irids.

* SIGNA and SPCNI are sections of the American Iris Society.  SLI is a cooperating society with the AIS.

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