North American Native Iris - Distribution

Here is a listing, by state/province, of the Iris species found in North America. It is based on a list by Roy Davidson in SIGNA (the species iris group newsletter) No .7 April 1971. I have updated it based on information from several sources including Iris-l discussions. Comments and corrections are welcome.

A linked country, state or province will take you to a plant checklist for that area, where you may find more info on the native irises. For all of North America try the Biota of North America Program.  For a checklist of irids in New England click here.

Alaska - setosa

Alabama - cristata, fulva, hexagona, verna, virginica

Arizona - missouriensis

Arkansas - cristata, fulva, brevicaulis, verna

California - bracteata, crysophylla, douglasiana, fernaldii, hartwegii, innominata, macrosiphion, missouriensis, munzii, purdyi, thompsonii, tenax, tenuissima

Colorado - missouriensis

Connecticut - prismatica, versicolor

Delaware - prismatica

Florida- brevicaulis, hexagona, tridentata, verna, virginica

Georgia - cristata, hexagona, prismatica var. austrina, tridentata, verna, virginica

Idaho - missouriensis

Illinois - brevicaulis, cristata, fulva, versicolor (?)***, virginica var. shrevei

Indiana - cristata, virginica var. shrevei

Iowa - virginica var. shrevei

Kansas - brevicaulis, virginica var. shrevei

Kentucky - brevicaulis, cristata, fulva, verna

Louisiana - brevicaulis, fulva, giganticerulea, hexagona*, nelsonii, virginica var. shrevei

Maine - prismatica, versicolor, setosa var. canadensis**

Maryland - cristata, prismatica, verna, versicolor, virginica

Massachusetts - prismatica, versicolor

Michigan - lacustris, versicolor

Minnesota - virginica var. shrevei, versicolor

Mississippi - cristata, fulva, brevicaulis, giganticerulea, hexagona, verna, virginica

Missouri- cristata, fulva, brevicaulis, virginica var. shrevei

Montana - missouriensis

Nebraska - missouriensis

Nevada - missouriensis

New Hampshire - prismatica, versicolor

New Jersey - prismatica, versicolor

New Mexico - missouriensis

New York - prismatica, versicolor

North Carolina - cristata, prismatica var. austrina, tridentata, verna, virginica

North Dakota - missouriensis

Ohio - cristata, brevicaulis, fulva, lacustris, versicolor, virginica var. shrevei

Oklahoma - cristata

Oregon - bracteata, crysophylla, douglasiana, innominata, missouriensis, thompsonii, tenax, tenuis

Pennsylvania - cristata, prismatica, verna, versicolor

Rhode Island - prismatica, versicolor

South Carolina - brevicaulis (?) ****, cristata, hexagona, tridentata, verna, virginica

South Dakota - missouriensis

Tennessee- brevicaulis, cristata, fulva, prismatica var. austrina, verna, virginica

Texas- brevicaulis, fulva, giganticerulea, hexagona*, virginica var. shrevei

Utah- missouriensis

Vermont - prismatica, setosa var. canadensis ** (not confirmed, see New England irid checklist), versicolor

Virginia - cristata, prismatica, verna, versicolor, virginica

Washington - missouriensis, tenax

West Virginia - cristata, verna, versicolor

Wisconsin - lacustris, versicolor, virginica var. shrevei

Wyoming - missouriensis

Alberta - missouriensis

British Columbia - missouriensis, setosa

Labrador - setosa var. canadensis **, versicolor

Manitoba - versicolor

New Brunswick - setosa var. canadensis **, versicolor

Newfoundland - setosa var. canadensis **, versicolor

Nova Scotia - prismatica, setosa var. canadensis**, versicolor

Ontario - brevicaulis, lacustris, versicolor, virginica var. shrevei

Prince Edward Island - setosa var. canadensis **, versicolor*

Quebec - setosa var. canadensis **, versicolor, virginica var. shrevei

Saskatchewan - versicolor

Yukon - setosa

Coahuila - missouriensis

* Reports of I. hexagona in Texas and Lousiana probably represent I. giganticerulea, once considered a form of I.hexagona.

** Recent investigations indicate that I. setosa var. canadensis may deserve species status. As such, the proper name would be I. hookeri.

*** A recent literature review by W. Stan Tyson indicates that I. versicolor may not be native to Illinios.  Anyone who has information to the contray please contact me.

**** A plant collected in SC by    in appears to be I_brevicaulis.

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